Can Wheatgrass Improve Health?

wheatgrass 100


The body has the ability to heal itself… when provided with proper nutrition, environment, and exercise.  The beneficial nutrients naturally obtained from wheat grass can cleanse, alkalize and nourish the body. Wheat grass is known as the highest alkaline plant available, and as a “whole food” has been used for its therapeutic value since ancient times.

The ancient Egyptians found the young  blades of the common wheat plant sacred and prized for it’s effects on their health.  The Book of Daniel in the Old Testament says that King Nebuchadnezzar II (630-562 B.C.) ate only grasses for seven years after losing his sanity; his mental clarity was restored, allowing him to again rule his kingdom.

It is well known that vitamins and minerals are more easily assimilated into the body when they occur naturally in whole foods, as opposed to synthetic vitamins.  The body can not process or utilize most of the unnatural combinations of nutrients which are found in synthetic vitamins available in the market place today.

We know from research and thousands of testimonials, that wheatgrass nutrients are easily absorbed and that our bodies process them efficiently. When taken on an empty stomach, in 20 minutes the wheat grass is already at work in your blood stream.

Using a cold-dried process; Best Organic Wheatgrass contains the whole plant roots and leaves combined, maintaining the live enzymes for maximum nutritional health.  Simply add to 8 oz. of room temperature water, or cooler and enjoy this nourishing drink.



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