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Why We Prefer Sprouted Wheatgrass Powder

wheatgrass sprout and glass 1In 1920, Edmond Szekely classified sprouted seeds and baby greens as the most beneficial foods.  He recommended that they make up at least 25% of our daily food intake, calling them life-generating biogenic foods; he clamed they offered the strongest support for cell regeneration.


In our daily life, various factors transpire to create free radicals within our bodies. Free radicals are highly unstable oxygen molecules needing an electron to stabilize their disorder.  By stealing electrons from healthy cells, the causal effects of this are the breakdown of vital biological structures and the alteration of DNA.  Once this has occurred, the affected cell will only reproduce the altered version.  These super foods are a powerful source of antioxidants (minerals, vitamins and enzymes) which assist in protecting against this damage.

The supply of vitamins ( B complex and C existing in seeds can be increased by the sprouting biochemistry by more than 100%).  This biochemistry modifies the array of minerals in sprouts so that they are in a chelated form, which is more easily assimilated in the body.  Biogenetic foods have an alkalizing effect on the body.  Double Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg found growth of cancer cells were initiated by a lack of oxygen and these cells could not live in an alkaline and oxygen rich environment.

Best Organic Wheatgrass powder is a sprouted super food, grown aeroponically (without soil, free from fungus and bacteria) it includes the roots and the leaves.  It is cold dried to preserve the enzymes.


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