The ONLY alkaline coffee on the market!

Bio Coffee instant coffee is specially formulated by combining high quality Brazilian Arabica instant coffee with wheatgrass essence and natural oligosaccharide extracted through the use of biotechnology. Water soluble fiber extracted from the wheatgrass  improves intestinal function. It satisfies your hunger easily and reduces gastric distress caused by hyperacidity due to caffeine.  Oligosaccharides enhance the growth of good bacteria to ensure intestinal health. Bio coffee improves the absorption of calcium by the human body and replenishes the loss of calcium caused by caffeine. Bio coffee satisfies your cravings for coffee while maintaining your health.

Plant Based Ingredients:

Instant Arabica powder, non-dairy creamer, oligosaccharide (from chicory root) and wheatgrass powder

2 Boxes (32 Packets) $53.44 including shipping USA ONLY!

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