easycoloncleansePRODUCT-PAGE Wow, I’m on day 2 of the colon cleanse, and it’s incredible! what came out of me was insane. dead worms, pus and plaque, not to mention the rope. Thanks so much for your help, I believe Best Organic Wheatgrass is heaven sent and will tell all who need it. I’ve been sick all year and struggling since 2003. I’m feeling great! I have tried everything to cleanse my colon and get rid of parasites. I was praying that your 3 Day Colon Cleanse was the real deal, it is even better! you guys are amazing! blessings! 

                                                            Darryn H, Australia


one boxAugust 2015 –  My name is Virginia Sawyer form Phoenix AZ and I have been drinking one packet of your wheatgrass for about two months and I want to share the benefits I have received.  I have a lot more energy, I have lost 2 pounds, I am no longer constipated, and overall I feel much better.

It is easy to use and I take it with me on vacations. I drink it in the morning before I eat breakfast with a small amount of water and one ice cube.  The taste may take some people a few days to get used to…the benefits are worth getting past the unique taste.

Also, I appreciate the friendly service and quick delivery.  I ordered one morning and it was in my mail box the next afternoon.

I highly recommend this product. I encourage you to give it a try and see the benefits for yourself.


My name is Guadalupe Santos. I’m a 46 year old female. About 2 years ago I started suffering from always being tired and just not feeling well. I decided to visit my primary care physician and he ordered some blood work. When the results came back they indicated that I had chronic anemia. In order to treat this my doctor recommended a series of iron infusion IV’s. I was able to take 3 treatments. Each time the infusions where performed they caused a very bad allergic reaction in me so I had to stop the treatment. Around that time I was also suffering from extreme acid reflux. I could not eat anything that would not provoke it. Even water would cause it to flair up. I was in constant pain. I would watch my diet very carefully avoiding foods that were known to provoke it. I switched over to drinking mineral water and other brands of bottled water to try to alleviate the pain but nothing worked. I had already tried over the counter medicines for acid reflux, as well as, prescriptions that the doctor had recommended, but I did not want to continue using them because of the long term secondary effects they had.
Someone recommended trying the wheat grass sold by Barb and Ken Hall at BestOrganicWheatgrass.com for the acid reflux and the anemia. I started my dosing with 1 packet a day then went up to 2. It was wonderful. In a very short time my anemia went away and so did my acid reflux. Now I can drink water and eat basically anything. I truly feel that the wheat grass was the cure to these ailments that I suffered. Guadalupe Santos – Avondale Arizona


Two months ago, I was having terrible pain on my left side under my rib cage and in my stomach. I couldn’t eat or sleep and was in constant pain. I had cut out everything from diet because no matter what I ate I was in terrible pain. I had several tests done including ultrasounds, blood tests, x-rays, barium testing in GI tract upper and lower and small intestine and was scheduled for exploratory surgery where they put a camera down your throat. On March 19th I happened to be at the Farmers Market and heard Barb and her husband telling a lady about Best Organic Wheatgrass. At this point, I would try anything! I didn’t want to have the exploratory surgery because of the cost and all the money I had already spent on tests that showed absolutely nothing! I decided to give this a try, what could I lose?
After 2-3 days of drinking one glass of wheatgrass first thing in the morning I noticed I was feeling much better and within a week my pain was completely gone. I’m not sure why or how but drinking the Wheatgrass was the only thing I was doing different. Now, I can eat whatever I want including spicy food. I still stay away from greasy food as much as possible. Needless to say, I cancelled the exploratory surgery and feel great. I now drink my wheatgrass every morning no matter what! Shirley Makowski – Phoenix Arizona


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI want to say that the wheatgrass powder from Best Organic Wheatgrass is AWESOME! I have had chronic hip pain for the past several years because of lack of cartilage in my hip socket. In addition, my chiropractor told me that my spine is older than I am due to degenerative disc disease. I tried a two week supply of wheatgrass powder and drank one a day. On day five, I noticed that I wasn’t in pain anymore. At first I thought it was too good to be true, and might be just a fluke, but I have been pain free since I started taking the wheatgrass powder. I also notice that I’m sleeping better and have more energy. I just wish I had started taking this years ago! You now have another most appreciative and loyal customer and I’m telling my friends and clients it give it a try. Thank you so much. Kaye King – Phoenix Arizona


My name is Johnny Hoffman and I am a type 2 diabetic. I have been using Best Organic Wheatgrass powder for 2 months so far. I feel great, energetic and healthy. I just put one packet of the powdered wheatgrass in a glass and mix it up with water every morning before breakfast. I do it on an empty stomach and wait about 20-30 minutes to eat. I have noticed a significant drop in my blood glucose readings since I have started using the powdered wheatgrass. I have also noticed (and others have too) that my skin looks more healthy and clear. I am not in the habit of praising anything (just ask around) but this is different. Being a diabetic is a tough road to take, especially if you are determined to manage it naturally. It is possible through using natural products like this powdered wheatgrass to improve your numbers, your appearance, and your general state of well being. I love this product and I will never stop using it. I recommend that everyone use it as well. You don’t have to be a diabetic to want to live better, right? Johnny Hoffman – Phoenix Arizona

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been a firm believer in Wheatgrass since the early 90’s and actually use to grow and juice my own flats. I love the nutritional value my body received but dreaded having to prepare it. I used a hand crank miracle wheatgrass juicer to extract the juice which was very time consuming and the payoff for all that hard work was sore arms and very little juice. When my twins were born I gave up juicing it myself and started to go to a local juice store to have them prepare the juice for me. I realized real fast, that wasn’t going to fit into my budget at $2 a shot twice a day. So I began taking a liquid multivitamin with mediocre results. I had to find another way to stay natural and not break the bank and clock at the same time. My associate and I were walking the Farmers Market and luckily happened across Ken and Barb Hall who were selling packets of Best Organic Wheat grass. We stopped to browse and were offered a taste. I was amazed how mild the taste was compared to drinking just the leaves. I was skeptical at the nutritional value at first but decided to give it a try. Nothing could be better than the original, right. Boy, was I wrong. I have been drinking two packets a day for the last month and a half and have seen great results. I feel amazing, I sleep better, I’m more focused, I have more stamina and energy, my bank account has never looked better. My wife says my skin is soft and radiates and the list keep’s getting longer. What’s even better it only takes a minute to prepare and I was finally able to convince my wife and kids to try wheatgrass, something that has eluded me for years. My family and I will continue to use this powdered wheatgrass as long they make it and will recommend it to everyone we know. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Chad Orth – Phoenix Arizona

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