Should We Eat Like a Caveman?      

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The concept is to eat as our ancient ancestors did: plants (greens, roots, fruits, and nuts), wild-caught meats, fish and eggs. No grains. No dairy.   In other words — eat like a caveman.

It is normally recommended you stop eating meat to combat acidosis. But the scientists who analyzed this issue state clearly that our ancestors had alkaline bodies, not because they didn’t eat meat, but because they didn’t eat cereal grains and modern, energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods (refined sugars and vegetable oils).

The authors write “the replacement of base-rich plant-food groups (roots, leafy green vegetables, and fruits) with cereal grains and refined foods such as sugars and separated fats.” switched human diets from alkaline to acid.

To more closely follow the caveman diet and return our bodies to an alkaline state we need to:

  1. Remove refined, processed foods from our diet, especially sugars and flours.
  1. Include animal proteins. Choose meats from animals that eat their natural foods. That means no grain-fed fish, cows, chickens or hogs. Cows should graze on grass (grass fed beef). Fish should eat algae or plankton and smaller fish (no farm fish). Chickens should eat insects, grass, insect larvae and worms ( range free). Hogs should feed on acorns and roots.
  1. Add more plant foods back into our diet, especially greens and vegetables. The easiest way to add greens is to include wheatgrass powder from  One packet of this powder (that includes the roots) is the equivalent of 17 lbs of choicest vegetables.
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