Is Wheatgrass A Fountain of Youth?

wheatgrass-whitebkg300Best Organic Wheatgrass powder has over 100 types of active enzymes.  Our bodies cannot function without enzymes and, like cells, enzymes lose their internal life-span capacity as well as their ability to neutralize toxins.  And, over time, if we don’t replenish the enzymes found inside our bodies with those found in plants (raw foods), we can’t heal as fast and we see the results of aging.

Anti-aging occurs from the inside-out.  Skin and body rejuvenation is largely dependent on enzyme activity.   Wheatgrass is rich in SOD (super oxide dismutase), a highly potent antioxidant enzyme that protects the DNA from free radical damage.  Best Organic Wheatgrass drink; a great source that provides the spark to ignite the cellular renewal processes.

This unique Wheatgrass powder contains 70% chlorophyll, which promotes proper oxygenation of cells and better blood circulation. The body can readily convert  chlorophyll from the wheatgrass powder into good quality blood cells because its molecular structure is almost identical to that of  hemoglobin.   This blood cell renewal process maintains healthy, clean blood, important for prevention of aging.

Dr. Peter Rothschild, M.D. at Smith-Kline Bio-Science, performed a human study that used 70 year old seniors who are naturally slower to respond than a younger population. Nevertheless, the serum levels of the seniors increased an average of 230% overall in the group and as much as 730% in one individual. Seven of the 10 participants more than doubled their blood levels of SOD.

The high levels of assimilation are due to the fact that cold-dried wheatgrass powder is a whole food concentrate with all of its synergistic co-nutritional factors.

Best Organic Wheatgrass powder is the only wheatgrass powder on the market that include the roots.

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