How Important are Enzymes?


Life could not exist without enzymes because they are relevant in every process of the body. They digest all of our food causing it to break down small enough to pass through the tiny pores of the intestines and into the blood. The enzymes of the blood then take the prepared digested food and build it into muscles, nerves, blood and glands. There are a number of enzymes in the body and each has a specific function. As we become deficient in enzymes we age faster. The more we store up our enzyme reserve, the healthier we will be. While enzymes are important in the digestion and absorption of food, they are also involved in every metabolic process.

The body depends upon enzymes for our immune system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, as well as, the ability to see, think and breathe. The lack of them in any of these areas can be detrimental. Keep in mind that all cellular activity is initiated by enzymes. They break down toxic substances so the body can eliminate them without damaging the eliminating organs.

Lack of enzymes can be a predisposing cause of disease, substantiating their importance and necessity. Two ways to preserve and replenish the body’s enzyme level is by eating raw foods and consuming live enzyme supplements. Enzymes are completely destroyed if cooked or processed. Best Organic Wheatgrass, with its cold-dried process has over 100 live enzymes and is a convenient way to get your supply of enzymes and be healthy.

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