Can our body heal itself?

When given the proper nutrients; clean water and healthy foods, our body is able to heal itself.  The liver, lymphatic, and immune systems, are systems which have the ability to remove toxins and combat disease.   Our bodies were never meant to consume foods which create illness, example, genetically modified (GMO) or chemically processed.  Unnatural foods cannot be absorbed properly by the systems within our body that maintain the healing and detoxification process.   Our liver, a filter known to clean impurities from our body, when it receives proper nutrients is self repairing, self-maintaining, and self cleansing.

With pesticides and changes in farming methods, the soil has been depleted of many of its nutrients. Many fruits and vegetables grown today have limited nutritional value.  So, if you are consuming chemically processed foods deficient in nutrition, your body’s natural detoxification system cannot function properly.

You can’t avoid the air you breathe, but you can help the detoxification process that protects your body.  One way, wash and soak non organic vegetables for 15 minutes in vinegar and water.  When possible fuel your body with absorbable organic nutrients that provide the body the means to handle toxins.

Best Organic Wheatgrass Powder is an excellent way to detox and cleanse pollutants from your body.  A serving is equivalent to 15 pounds of vegetables.   One serving mixed with room temperature or cooler water the first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach is an excellent way to meet your minimum daily requirement of vegetables and eliminate toxins.

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