How are you beginning the New Year?

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We hope you had a wonderful holiday full of happiness, joy, goodness and blessings. Now that you are exercising, shedding those extra holiday pounds, you should also think about improving your diet.

Begin by discovering one of the most nutritional foods produced by nature!  Wheatgrass is a powerful raw, living super food and it is packed full of nutrients and contains chlorophyll.  A leafy green, our wheatgrass is full of inflammation fighting ingredients which also contain lots of fiber and helps keep blood sugar levels in check.

Wheatgrass has for many years been highly regarded by health professionals around the world for its remarkable nourishing and energizing properties. Drinking our wheatgrass powder (with the roots) will help you begin the year with a healthier lifestyle for the following reasons:

  • Nourishes and detoxifies the body
  • Supports physical and mental performance and sense of well-being
  • Develops a healthy immune system
  • Contributes to healthy skin and hair
  • Contributes to red blood cell development
  • increases vitality to healthy levels providing an energy boost
  • Gluten free
  • Compatible with raw food and vegan diets

We understand that today’s world doesn’t always make it easy to be healthy, so we are dedicated to helping you – simply and conveniently.   Our single serving packets make it very easy to take at home or when you travel.

So, make BestOrganicWheatgrass powder a healthy habit once a day and feel better naturally. You will notice the difference! HAPPY NEW YEAR!





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