Guadalupe Santos Testimonial

My name is Guadalupe Santos. I’m a 46 year old female. About 2 years ago I started suffering from always being tired and just not feeling well. I decided to visit my primary care physician and he ordered some blood work. When the results came back they indicated that I had chronic anemia. In order to treat this my doctor recommended a series of iron infusion IV’s. I was able to take 3 treatments. Each time the infusions where performed they caused a very bad allergic reaction in me so I had to stop the treatment. Around that time I was also suffering from extreme acid reflux. I could not eat anything that would not provoke it. Even water would cause it to flair up. I was in constant pain. I would watch my diet very carefully avoiding foods that were known to provoke it. I switched over to drinking mineral water and other brands of bottled water to try to alleviate the pain but nothing worked. I had already tried over the counter medicines for acid reflux, as well as, prescriptions that the doctor had recommended, but I did not want to continue using them because of the long term secondary effects they had.
Someone recommended trying the wheat grass sold by Barb and Ken Hall at for the acid reflux and the anemia. I started my dosing with 1 packet a day then went up to 2. It was wonderful. In a very short time my anemia went away and so did my acid reflux. Now I can drink water and eat basically anything. I truly feel that the wheat grass was the cure to these ailments that I suffered. Guadalupe Santos – Avondale Arizona

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