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Can You Reduce Your Risk of Cancer?


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According to Dr. Mercola, Cancer surpassed heart disease as the number one killer in America in 2005 and now causes nearly 560,000 deaths in the United States each year.

Cancer is growing at alarming rates, which is particularly frustrating since the vast majority of cases could be prevented by lifestyle changes that include exercise, losing weight, eating healthy, and reducing stress.  The Center for Disease Control states that 85 percent of disease is caused by emotions. Stress, in particular, weakens the immune system significantly and could translate into growth of cancer cells.  Only 25 percent of people eat the daily recommended vegetable requirement, so by all means eat your vegetables; wheat grass being one of them.

Limiting sugar intake and processed foods as much as possible is another way to reduce cancer risk. Processed foods are high in sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup. Sugar or refined carbohydrates cause your body to release insulin.  Normalizing your insulin levels is important to lower your risk of cancer and exercise helps to drive your insulin levels down.

In summary, the most powerful cancer-prevention methods are available to you right now, with no prescription or doctor’s visit needed. In fact, reducing your cancer risk is more about taking control of your health than perhaps any other factor.

Nobel Laureate, Dr Otto Warburg, discovered cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment. Wheatgrass is one of the highest alkaline foods available. Only Best Organic Wheatgrass includes both the roots and leaves, each containing cancer fighting agents.





How Important are Enzymes?


Life could not exist without enzymes because they are relevant in every process of the body. They digest all of our food causing it to break down small enough to pass through the tiny pores of the intestines and into the blood. The enzymes of the blood then take the prepared digested food and build it into muscles, nerves, blood and glands. There are a number of enzymes in the body and each has a specific function. As we become deficient in enzymes we age faster. The more we store up our enzyme reserve, the healthier we will be. While enzymes are important in the digestion and absorption of food, they are also involved in every metabolic process.

The body depends upon enzymes for our immune system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, as well as, the ability to see, think and breathe. The lack of them in any of these areas can be detrimental. Keep in mind that all cellular activity is initiated by enzymes. They break down toxic substances so the body can eliminate them without damaging the eliminating organs.

Lack of enzymes can be a predisposing cause of disease, substantiating their importance and necessity. Two ways to preserve and replenish the body’s enzyme level is by eating raw foods and consuming live enzyme supplements. Enzymes are completely destroyed if cooked or processed. Best Organic Wheatgrass, with its cold-dried process has over 100 live enzymes and is a convenient way to get your supply of enzymes and be healthy.

Can Wheat Grass Improve Health?

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The body has the ability to heal itself… when provided with proper nutrition, environment, and exercise.  The beneficial nutrients naturally obtained from wheat grass can cleanse, alkalize and nourish the body. Wheat grass is known as the highest alkaline plant available, and as a “whole food” has been used for its therapeutic value since ancient times.

The ancient Egyptians found the young  blades of the common wheat plant sacred and prized for it’s effects on their health.  The Book of Daniel in the Old Testament says that King Nebuchadnezzar II (630-562 B.C.) ate only grasses for seven years after losing his sanity; his mental clarity was restored, allowing him to again rule his kingdom.

It is well known that vitamins and minerals are more easily assimilated into the body when they occur naturally in whole foods, as opposed to synthetic vitamins.  The body can not process or utilize most of the unnatural combinations of nutrients which are found in synthetic vitamins available in the market place today.

We know from research and thousands of testimonials, that wheatgrass nutrients are easily absorbed and that our bodies process them efficiently. When taken on an empty stomach, in 20 minutes the wheat grass is already at work in your blood stream.

Using a cold-dried process; Best Organic Wheatgrass contains the whole plant roots and leaves combined, maintaining the live enzymes for maximum nutritional health.  Simply add to 8 oz. of room temperature water, or cooler and enjoy this nourishing drink.