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The Power of Wheatgrass Powder with the Roots

Wheatgrass contains over eighty different minerals, is high in fiber, and averages 25% protein (more than meat, fish, eggs, beans or dairy products). It is also more concentrated in iron than spinach but, unlike spinach, contains little or no oxalic acid, which binds the useable calcium in the system and can leach calcium from teeth and bones.

Wheat grass has about as much magnesium as broccoli, brussel sprouts, beets and carrots. Magnesium is vital for muscle contraction and bowel health.

Potassium, ”the youth mineral”, which is plentiful in wheat grass, maintains mineral balance, tones the muscles, firms the skin, and promotes overall beauty. If you are on a calorie restricted eating plan for weight loss, you can have all the potassium you need if you use wheat grass, without all the calories from the potassium rich fruits such as bananas.
Wheat grass contains about the same amount of Vitamin C as citrus fruits, and more than common vegetables like tomatoes or potatoes. As you know, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant crucial to the health of the skin, teeth, gums, muscles, and joints. 

Wheatgrass is rich in Vitamin A, which is essential for maintaining healthy eyes and skin, as well as supporting normal development and reproduction.
Antioxidant Vitamin E “protector of the heart” is a fat-soluble “fertility” vitamin, responsible for the healing of wounds and infections, and prevention of muscle degeneration.

Wheatgrass is a good source of calcium, which is essential for strong bones and teeth, in addition to acting as a buffer to restore balance to blood pH.

After reading about the abundance of different ingredients in wheatgrass, is it any wonder that a single packet of wheatgrass powder is equivalent to 17 pounds of choice vegetables?

Wheatgrass powder that includes the roots is more nutritious and has a milder taste than the wheatgrass powder from leaves only.

What is a SUPERFOOD?


A superfood is a whole food; that is also a raw food (nutrients are maintained), a food that is easily digestible and is especially nutritious.

A food that is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.   It is a food that aids in the prevention and elimination of disease, premature aging, and strengthens the immune system.

A superfood is NOT synthetic, NOT chemically altered; NOT cooked or highly processed, and is NOT a substitute for a well-balanced diet.

Why is it important to consume a superfood?

1). Soil depletion produces foods that do not contain enough quality nutrients.

2). Busy and stressful lifestyles raise our need for superior nutrition.

3). Proper nutrition is fundamental for health and healing.

In general, superfoods are beneficial for many health conditions.  Wheatgrass meets all the requirements of the superfood definition mentioned above.  Wheatgrass is a superfood that is also inexpensive and easy to acquire.

This wheatgrass powder comes in a single serving, convenient packet.  The packet can be used either at home or carried with you while traveling.   Our powder is 100% wheatgrass, with nothing added and with nothing removed.  The cold drying process maintains all the nutrients, including enzymes that are vital to digestion, especially as a person ages.

As a powder mixed with water, it is easily digestible and assimilates into your blood stream in about 20 minutes.  You receive maximum benefits when wheatgrass is added to a whole foods, plant based diet.  So why wouldn’t you add wheatgrass to your diet?

Check out the testimonials on this site and see what these folks have experienced just by taking one packet a day the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Good Health is Wealth!


Enjoying the Benefits of Wheatgrass Powder


If you are reading this article, you are probably already a step ahead of a lot of people when it comes to eating well and caring for your body. Too many people are not aware of what they are putting into their body.

There are those who are trying to be conscious of their nutrition intake, but become confused with all the “health food” items available on the shelves today.  It is important to read the information on the labels before purchasing the product because many do not provide proper nutrients.

If you are seeking nutrient dense whole food that can provide you with multiple benefits, you want to consider our wheatgrass powder. The benefits you receive consuming this seemingly basic product will surprise you.

One of the great benefits of wheatgrass is its ability to cleanse the body. This cleansing product refreshes your blood, intestines, and body organs, helping you to live a healthier lifestyle. It contains many of the vitamins, and other nutritional elements necessary to cleanse the toxins from the body. So, wheatgrass is a powerful means for detoxifying the body.

Did you know that by implementing only a tiny amount of wheatgrass powder into your diet, you are rebuilding and enhancing your blood cells? Wheatgrass has identical properties to the human blood, increasing oxygen supply in the blood. It’s no secret wheatgrass provides a great source of energy, mental clarity and overall well being.

Nobody likes being sick. By including wheatgrass, with its many nutrients and vitamins, in your every day health routine, you can help your body build up its immune system to prevent sickness and disease.

Every cell in the body is comprised of proteins.  Amino acids are the chemical substances that make up protein. Our bodies use amino acids to make the different proteins we must have to be healthy.

There are 8 that are essential for human nutrition. An essential amino acid is one that cannot be synthesized from other available sources, and therefore must be supplied as part of the diet. Wheatgrass supplies all 8 of the essential amino acids your body requires and 13 of the non-essential amino acids.

If you have not already attempted it, you should unquestionably give wheatgrass powder a try. You will be pleasantly pleased with the results.